Nomination Scholarships for Biochemistry

We are now accepting nominations for CALS departmental scholarships. The deadline for departmental nominations is April 2, 2021. Please convene your department’s scholarship committee as soon as possible to ensure the completion of the nomination process by April 2.

Your department can nominate students for each scholarship listed below. You will also be able to view the scholarship criteria, the total available funds, and number of awards you can make for each scholarship. When you have decided on a student, or students, for a given scholarship, fill out the form on the right with the required information and click submit. Once the name is entered, it will bounce directly back to this page, so you may continue your awarding.

We are aware that some departmental funds have multiple purposes as described in the fund’s Memorandum of Agreement. The spending of these funds for scholarship purposes is left up to the discretion of the department.

Please keep in mind that donors want to know that their gifts are being spent in the way they intended. Proper donor stewardship, which includes spending the money available, leads to continued giving. Please make every effort to spend the amount available unless there are specific reasons within your department not to.

If you are not the scholarship representative for your department, please let us know so we may update our records.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or see scholarships missing from your list.


Karen Martin
CALS Scholarship Director

Sue Ryan
Assistant CALS Scholarship Director

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+Gurine Gulsteen (Gjermundson) Research Fellowship

About the Donor
This CALS scholasrhip is provided in honor of Gurine Gulsteen.

Eligibility Criteria
Awarded to students for research and study who are working to solve practical problems that WI farmers confront in daily lives. All CALS Graduate Programs.

Total Awardable Amount: $1,000

Total Number of Awards: varies depending on amount

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+Jack Gorski Scholarship

About the Donor
This fund was established with gifts from many donors by the Department of Biochemistry to recognize the contributions of Professor Jack Gorski ’53 to the Department. Jack graduated with a degree in Dairy Science after attending UW-Madison. During his outstanding career, with over 240 publications to date, Professor Gorski made a significant impact on the study of estrogen receptor activity in reproductive biochemistry. He trained over 100 graduate and postdoctoral students, many of whom have become renowned scientists in their own rights. He was a member of the National Academy of Sciences, past President of the Endocrine Society, and received countless other honors and awards for his distinguished work in the field.

Eligibility Criteria
Awarded to freshmen and sophomores in CALS majoring in Biochemistry, Dairy Science, or Animal Science. Students must be eligible for work-study. Preference is given to students who come from high schools with less than 1,000 student enrollments.

Total Awardable Amount: 0 Dairy Science year

Total Number of Awards: varies depending on amount (award minimum is $1,500)

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+Stuart L. Feldman Biochemistry Scholarship

About the Donor
The Stuart L. Feldman Biochemistry Scholarship was established by Stuart Feldman (BS, biochemistry, 1971). He wishes to assist undergraduate students pursuing a degree within the Department of Biochemistry that exhibit financial need.

Eligibility Criteria
Awarded to Biochemistry majors in CALS. If allowable by the aforementioned plan, when the Fund begins to allocate scholarship support, the specific preference is to provide support to a female and/or underrepresented ethnic minority student(s).

Total Awardable Amount: $1,250

Total Number of Awards: varies depending on amount

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