Summer and Fall International Internships

Opportunities-Students who are looking for international internship opportunities should check out the IIP Database (Net ID needed to log in), where they can search by region, country, language, or professional field.

To learn how to begin your search for an international internship both in the IIP database and elsewhere, we offer Getting Started Sessions every Tuesday from 4:00-4:30p.m. in 259 Bascom Hall or an online video. This session is strongly recommended before coming to advising.

Students graduating in May are not eligible for these internships unless they delay graduation until August or December and take our 1 or 3 credit online WIP course.

Advising-Students with more specific questions or those who have completed the Getting Started Session can come to walk-in advising hours in 259 Bascom Hall or make an appointment here:

  • Mondays 10am – 12pm, 331 Ingraham Hall
  • Tuesdays: 2pm – 4pm, 259 Bascom Hall
  • Fridays: 9:30am – 12pm, 259 Bascom Hall

Deadlines-The deadlines for summer and fall internships are coming up; the general IIP deadline is Sunday, February 21st . Students interested in academic credit for their international internship experience through the Worldwide Internship Program (WIP) must apply by Friday, March 4th.
Students who want to do an international internship but do not have the details finalized or have not been accepted yet by March 4th should still apply for WIP by the deadline if they want credit.

Scholarships-Many of the scholarship opportunities for spring internships have deadlines in mid February and early March. Students taking the WIP course are eligible for IAP scholarships as well as IIP’s need-based WIP grant to help offset the cost of the course.

Check the IIP Funding page for more information on how to fund your international internship.

Upcoming Events (see attachment)- IIP will be attending the upcoming career and service fairs. We will also have specialized info sessions on Teaching English Abroad (1/27), Europe (2/2), International Careers (2/4), Japan (2/9), & Latin America and Spain Internships (10/7).

Students interested in learning about diplomacy and government careers are encouraged to attend our Coffee with a Diplomat (2/11) before the Career Fair. Robert Neus, Diplomat in Residence for the Midwest will share his experiences and advice over coffee and treats.